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Take advantage of a 170% bonus of up to $1000 on your first deposit to play at Icefield.

Earn money by making the Yeti cross the ice!

Yeti Game Ice Cube


Help the Yeti to cross the ice field. To do this, choose the next line on which the yeti must advance.

Successful block of ice


If you fall on a whole piece of ice, you can stop or continue on your way.

Broken ice - Yeti game

Broken Ice

Be careful, if the Yeti breaks the ice by jumping, it is lost!

Rules of the Yeti or Icefield game

Objective of the Yeti game

Bigfoot wants to cross the ice grid from left to right. To help him, just click on the next block of ice he has to jump on. However, one square per column contains a damaged ice. If Bigfoot jumps on it, then it’s lost. 

The minimum bet is 0.20 cents and the maximum bet is 1000€. Winnings can be as high as €10,000 in one game!

Icefield Features - a modifiable field

ice field

Mystake mini-games are sometimes customizable. So Icefield, or the chicken game Mystake, are. You have the choice of the ice terrain to cross. This one is available in several sizes: 2×3 (row by column)3×6, 4×9 (see picture), 5×12 and 6×15. The number of columns affects the number of jumps the Yeti has to make, while the number of rows reduces the probability of falling through the ice. This terrain will be comparable to a minefield where the mine boxes will be the ones with damaged ice.

With an RTP of 99% the fewer lines (minimum 2) the higher the yeti’s hop multiplier. It can reach x1.98 and will be at least x1.18 for a first jump.

The more jumps (columns) the Yeti has to make, the higher the final multiplier at the end of the path. It will range from x7.92 for the smallest ice field to x15.25 for the largest.

If you don’t know how to choose one of the squares, the Random button will choose a square at random for you.

Note: You can cash out at any time! If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to cash out and start a new game.

Icefield Step-by-Step Guide

To play at Icefield, you need to go to MyStake casino. Once you are on the game and registered, you can go to the mini-game section. A selection of about ten mini-games will be proposed to you.

Click on the image where it says “Icefield”. Then here are the steps to follow:

– Choose your starting bet by playing with the “+” and “-” buttons in the bet settings section at the bottom of the screen.

– Change the size of the field with the “Field” parameter below bet.

– Click on the green Bet button when you are ready.

Now you can choose a square from the leftmost ones on the grid. If the ice cracks, it is lost. Otherwise you can continue. Two solutions, cashout and collect your winnings, or select a second square on the line you want to advance to. Repeat until you are satisfied with your win or until you have reached the end of the field.

Yeti Mystake Game

Which casino to play at?

It is possible to play the Yeti game at MyStake casino. If you are a new player you can take advantage of the MyStake welcome bonus of 170% up to 1000€ for your first deposit.

MyStake Casino deposits and withdrawals

The first step is to register with Mystake. Any deposit can be made in euros or in crypto-currency as desired. The minimum payment is 10€.

Withdrawals are made by default by the same means that was used for the deposit. This last one is made from 50€.

MyStake Dashboard

Yeti Game: Tips

Martingale Yeti Game

To play the Yeti martingale you must choose the smallest ice field (2 rows and 3 columns) and choose your starting bet.

If you bet €100 at the start, then you only have to choose one of the two blocks in the first column. If you win you can cash out and start over. If you lose, double your bet (here 200€) until you win!

Yeti game martingale
Safe Technique Yeti Game

Yeti strategy game without risks

To play the Yeti game with the least amount of risk, you will need to choose the field with the most squares. From this point on, you have a 1 in 6 chance of passing the first block of ice!

As soon as you have crossed it, cash in your winnings which will be multiplied by x1.18!

Icefield : Jackpot

To win a maximum in one move, you will have to use the grid with the most squares: 6×15. 

This time there is no question of stopping after a successful block, the objective will be to cross the ice entirely! If you succeed in doing so, your starting bet will be multiplied by 15.25!

Yeti Game Gain

Icefield : which bonus to choose ?

The Icefield is part of the mini-games section of MyStake Casino. If you are a new player, a bonus can help you get started and make your first win. As MyStake is one of the casinos with the most bonuses, whether it’s sports, casino or mini games, you’ll want to choose the best one to have a higher chance of winning. Here are the bonuses valid at this time:

– If you are a new player, you can take advantage of the welcome one. A deposit between 20€ and 500€ will allow you to play with double!

– For experienced players, depending on the news, and having already deposited real money at MyStake casino, there are sometimes free runs when making a deposit (usually a minimum of 20 euros).

Play Icefield for free

Since MyStake is a casino, the games are necessarily gambling games. The minimum bet is 20 cents. However, the creator of the game offers a free trial version.

In this version the money is not real. Thus the bet is fake and so are the winnings. Click to try the demo. This demo offers you the opportunity to try out free bets to fine-tune your strategy.

Yeti Game Notice

Yeti Game Victory

Online casinos are reinventing themselves with mini games. The Yeti game is fun and adaptable to all types of players. Thus by playing on its parameters it can be played in a way to try to win big or taking the least risk possible. 

Its RTP (return to player) of 99% makes it one of the most interesting games for players. 

Its design is attractive and the animations are pleasant. Right now on Mystake the welcome bonus on the mini-games make it one of the games of the moment for the customers! It is thanks to all these arguments that Icefield is, in our opinion, one of the best games existing in online casinos. 

Moreover, as the yeti has already been successful in video games since the classic yetisports, Icefield only confirms that this character is adored by gamers.