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Dino MyStake Casino

The dino game is a crash game, you can place up to 2 bets of different values while waiting for the egg to hatch.

Dinosaur dino game


The race begins, your money begins to multiply!

Meteorite Dino game


An asteroid threatens our dino (and your winnings), withdraw your winnings before it falls!

MyStake Casino Game Rules

Objective of the Dino game

A Dinosaur
egg is ready to hatch on MyStake! Remember, don’t confuse MyStake with Stake Casino, a different platform entirely. You have until his birth to bet. The minimum bet is 0.20 euro cents and the
maximum is €1000. You can play up to two bets per race. The jackpot is 10 000€.

the dinosaur is born, the race begins. A multiplier appears and the dinosaur runs to escape
death. The longer the race, the higher the multiplier. You can withdraw your earnings at any
time. If a meteor falls on the dino before you have withdrawn your winnings, you lose

Editable Dino game parameters

Unlike other games such as Yeti, the only variable that can be changed is the bet you will play. It goes from 0,20 cent to 1000€. Indeed, the dino game is an online multiplayer game. That is, all players at MyStake casino see the same dinosaur run live (in “real” time). Thus, it is not possible to modify parameters that would change the probability of winning.

Play Step-by-Step Guide

For those who have no idea how to play. You have to go to the MyStake Casino platform. The latter is grouped into several parts: casino with games such as roulette, blackjack, slot machines and mini-games. Go to this section.

Once in the mini games, choose the image where it says “Dino”. Here you are in the casino with the other players in the crash game room. You have the possibility to play two games at the same time, hence the repetition of the parameters at the bottom of the screen.

To start a game, first decide how much you want to bet by touching the bet parameter. Once you have decided on your bet, you can decide to set it to auto to be automatically in all games.

The last parameter to be set is “Collect”. It allows you to decide when to collect your winnings based on the multipliers. Please note that you must activate the “auto” button for “Collect” to be taken into account. You are ready to play.

Dino game - Mystake casino

Which casino to play at?

The dino game is an online game available at MyStake Casino. As a new player there are many bonuses and promotions that allow you to get up to 170% of your first deposit back.

How do I play at MyStake Casino?

To play at MyStake Casino you need to register, if you need more information, check out our FAQ on our MyStake overview. 

Once registered, you need to deposit money, with a minimum deposit of 10 euros. Please note that the first deposit is often accompanied by a bonus. It can therefore be advantageous to deposit more than 10 euros the first time. Withdrawal will be made using the same method as the chosen payment method.

Mystake Casino Registration

Dino Game: Tips

Dino martingale game

Martingale Dino Game

To play the martingale in the dino game, you have to decide on a starting bet. Beware that in case of loss you have to double and that the maximum bet is 1000€, do not choose a bet that is too high.

Put an auto cashout when the dinosaur multiplier becomes equal to 2. So if you win, play the starting bet again. However, if you lose, double the current bet until you win.

Dino strategy game "without" risks

In this game, there are no parameters that can be changed to increase your chances of winning. However, the earlier you get out of the game, the less chance the dino has of being hit by the meteorite.

In addition, the RTP (return to player) for the Dino game is 95% to 95.9%. According to the rules of the game, the latter is higher (95.9%) when the multiplier is between x1 and x1.12. One of the safest strategies would be to put an auto cashout of your bet when the dino reaches the x1.12 multiplier. 

Mystake Bet dino game
Dino game history

Dino Game: Jackpot

The jackpot for the dino game (like many MyStake mini-games) is €10,000. In addition, the dino’s max multiplier can also go up to x10,000!

However, the maximum profit per bet is 10 000€. So if you are playing the MyStake max bet of $1000, hitting one of the multipliers above 10 will not help. 

If you want to get the maximum for your bet, you will have to calculate the multiplier to reach for your bet (10 000 for 1€, 1000 for 10€, 100 for 100€…). The smaller the starting bet, the harder it is to reach the multiplier and the slimmer your chances.

Dino Game: Which bonus to choose?

MyStake Casino offers a multitude of bonuses. For crash games such as the dinosaur game, you have two options:

– You are a new player: take advantage of the welcome bonus with a welcome offer of 100% up to 500€ on mini games.

– If you have already made your first deposit, deposit bonuses offering x20 free spins are often available for you to take advantage of!

Is this online game reliable?

MyStake casino is one of the best known online casinos in the market. Indeed, its anti-fraud system and the encryption of its data make it a secure and reliable casino. In addition, MyStake Casino games are created by licensed game designers. This gives it a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot.

Dino Mystake Casino Game Reviews

Mystake dino game landscape

Online casinos are opening the way to new perspectives with these mini games and more precisely crash games.

Casinozer, for example, offers players the aviator while MyStake casino offers its own with the dinosaur mini-game and is becoming a staple of casino mini-games. Moreover, it is possible to play this game whatever your platform is (mobile or computer).

This game is both simple to understand and fun. Playing with all the players makes it even more attractive. The small disadvantage of the game is the RTP which is a bit lower than other minigames (up to 96%) but still one of the best in online casinos. For example, roulette in English casinos is about 97% and slot machines about 85%.

It is also reminiscent of the famous dino game on Google when internet is not available. But this time, it is possible to earn money.